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Communication Technology
Member of Telelink group

Omladinskih brigada 65V
11070 Novi Beograd
tel: 011-217 7878
fax: 011-217 5778, 2164 641


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ComuTel slogan was neither made by a marketing agency, nor ComuTel itself. It was born where all concepts and slogans experience their ultimate test: at the customer's site. It is meant to express how our business partners experience co-operation with our company; in the era when Web 2.0 technologies enters almost all human activities, in time of telecommunication big bang, when technologies obsoletes quickly, end users don't have time (nor need) to enter all tiny details of using the modern equipment they own. Their primary interest is to use it efficiently and easily. Awarding their trust to ComuTel the clients get precisely that: one worry less - because our solutions operate impeccably, making the work process easier, faster and enabling more available time for client's core and creative processes.

Computer networks are important. They make our everyday life as well as our future. However, they are not most important. It's your time that is the most important - the only irreversible resource. All we can do is: to save it and safeguard it for you.

Long list of our prestigious and successful clients proves our repetitive success in that matter.

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